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What is Stanozolol

The dosage of Stanozolol tablets is a widely discussed subject among the fitness freaks and bodybuilders. As it is known as a performance-enhancing product and remains banned by many sporting bodies, the curiosity to use it and the eagerness to get quick results keep the name, ‘Stanozolol’ alive in the fitness zone. So, sharing the info on how to take Stanozolol tablets will help the fitness lovers and bodybuilders.

Let’s know about Stanozolol. It is a synthetic anabolic-androgenic steroid developed in the year 1962 by an American company. It is a product of dihydrotestosterone and approved by FDA to use in treating human needs and ailments. It is available in many brand names and in tablet and oral suspension forms. Being aware of the legal implications before using it is a must, as it varies from a country to a country. Knowing the info on how to take Stanozolol tablets beforehand is advisable as the persons who prefer off-label usage are under the risk of improper dosage. It is used in the treatment of angioedema and treats the related inflammation on face, throat, bowel wall and genitals. It is cheaper than Anavar and is used as an economical substitute.

info on how to take Stanozolol tablets

The safe way to use Stanozolol

The fitness interested individuals always discuss the use of this hormone and no straight and simple answer is available. But maintaining a correct dosage is not a big question to solve as it is a simple anabolic steroid to help you.

Using of 50mg dosage per day for your bulking cycle is recommended. It is more used as a cutting steroid. It is used in bulking cycle to induce other hormones and make them more effective. It cuts fat and maximizes your strength and speed.

Oral Dosage

  • Athletes and bodybuilders use Stanozolol as it is more beneficial in a cutting cycle than in a mass building cycle. The recommended dosage is 50 mg in 24 hours for a 6 to 8 weeks period.
  • Taking the higher dosage of 100mg in 24 hours for the entire recommended period is not advisable. Many bodybuilders take this high dosage which is dangerous and is harmful to the liver.
  • Using the high dosage for a shorter period of 10 to 15 days only, prior to the competitions, is not harmful. Only the long term usage does the harm. So, the bodybuilders using it for a short term is a normal occurrence.

Injection Dosage

  • The Stanozolol hormones increase the speed and make an athlete stronger but don’t add mass. It is what every athlete is looking for and the dosage needed is 20 to 25mg only.
  • The dosage of 20 to 25 mg for a four to six weeks period will meet the requirement of the athletes and there is no need for using 50mg per day.

Dosage for Women

Not all steroids recommended for men are suitable for women. But a lower dosage of Stanozolol is safe for women athletes. The dosage recommended is 10mg per day. This dosage has given good success rate and followed by many women athletes.

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