Are the diet and weight loss pills effective in the long run?

With obesity and overweight becoming a global issue, many people take help from diet pills. These pills have a lot of researchers going on about them and while some consider them to be very much effective there are others that argue that these pills have numerous side effects and are not at all recommended. While it is a known fact that weight loss pills for women must not be taken by children below 12 years of age and those women that are pregnant or planning a pregnancy. But still, it is a big question whether these weight loss medicines make you dependent on them for a lifetime? Will your weight increase after you stop taking this medicines? We should ask the doctor and consider these questions before starting with our weight loss regime.

How long do I need to take the weight loss medication?

The effectiveness of the weight loss pills, dietary changes as well as physical exercise differs from person to person. Also, it depends upon which medicines you are taking for weight loss, your current medical conditions and your BMI. After proper analysis, your doctor will prescribe you some weight loss pills for women. Also if you are facing some severe side effects of weight loss medication then you should stop taking it at once. If you are losing weight in a healthy manner and you have no side effects from the medicines then the doctor may recommend you to continue with these medicines indefinitely.

But if you are not losing even 5% of your body weight even after following all medication and diet plan for 12 weeks then you should consult your doctor for alternative medicine or discontinue the medicine that you are taking. Then the doctor might provide you with some different medication. A change in the physical activity, lifestyle, or eating programs might also be required. It is a possibility that you are taking some medicines or supplements that cause a weight gain. So your doctor might ask you to stop those medicines. If the weight issue is a severe one then you might consider opting for weight loss surgery too. Obesity and weight gain is a chronic issue and it will not be treated in a day or a month. It requires you to burn fat which is accumulated in years and so it would take a lot of time to improve and maintain a healthy weight.

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