The Complete Veboldex Review – Cycles, Results, Side Effects

Veboldex a derivative of testosterone and boldenone is a popular anabolic steroid having androgenic properties. The steroid is known to provide exceptional mass gains with very limited side effects hence is widely known in the field of bodybuilding. Like deca Durabolin, the steroid has the potency to increase the red blood cells production thereby making it ideal for athletes and bodybuilders. It helps achieve a much-curved musculature with very low water retention in the body. Veboldex provides a good nitrogen balance in the body thereby increasing the protein synthesis in the muscle cells. The main advantage of the steroid is that the gains acquired are almost permanent. Hence many consider it as an ideal replacement for deca Durabolin. Before purchasing the steroid it’s important to gain complete knowledge of which you can refer online on websites like The online resources give a good knowledge on the uses, dosage and side effects.

The dosage for veblodex generally varies according to the response of the individual patient and their tolerance level. Ideally, for males, the weekly dosage should be around 250 mg to 500 mg but depending upon the tolerance level the dose could go up to about 600 mg. But one should remember that an increase in dose will be accompanied by an increase in side effects as well. Unlike males, the dosage for females should be at a low level. The response has been remarkable when women have maintained the dose at a level of 50-100 mg per week. But if consumed more than this then women stand at a risk of virilization. References from online websites like state that this leads to increased hair growth on face and legs, acne and deepening of the voice. Hence for some especially it is important to discontinue if the side effects become persistent or worsen. The steroid gives lasting benefits when consumed in appropriate dosage with a cycle length lasting up to 12 weeks. Also one should keep in mind that the half-life of the steroid is around 14 days which is very long. Therefore make sure that you do not abuse the drug or else the risk of side effects increases.

Some of the side effects of veblodex include acne, oily skin, deepening or hoarseness of voice, prostate, unnatural hair growth on hands, legs and face. If you are prone to acne, then as a remedial action one should include an anti-bacterial lotion of soap in your daily routine. In many cases, consumers have reported being seeing an increase in appetite which results in weight gain. Therefore it is suggested to start with a lower dose to control the appetite issues. Some other side effects of the steroid include nausea, vomiting, changes in skin color and an increased aggression. The steroid is also known to alter the cholesterol levels, therefore, be cautious if you are a heart patient. One can purchase the steroid from various online stores but one should exercise caution as it is widely available on the black market.

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