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Could Buying Artificial Urine Be Illegal?

Different types of fake urines can vary based on ingredients, cost, shelf life and success rate. They come in the form of a kit that you have to heat and mix properly to make it similar to urine. However, in most states, the question is whether is legal to use fake urine?

In all states, the sale of synthetic urine is legal. Indiana and New Hampshire are the only states that decided to ban the sale of synthetic urine. The main reason for that is because it subverts drug tests. Both nations began their ban in 2017.

Apart from that, federal drug testing program uses urine specimen for analysis, but this may change in the future due to the popularity of synthetic urine. If you want to find where to buy artificial urine, you should look it online because it is a discrete and subtle way to purchase it without anyone noticing.

At the same time, due to the popularity of synthetic urine, drug tests will utilize hair samples or oral fluids as an alternative to it.

Does Fake Pee Work?

It is challenging to answer this particular question because it depends on various factors. The most severe answer is that in some cases it doesn’t, and in some cases, it doesn’t. Even if you purchase the most reliable fake pee products, you will still have to pass specific risks until you pass the test.

First, you have to mix the product correctly, because only that way it could look like actual urine. Apart from that, you have to heat it, hide it, transport it and reveal it and refill the can under supervision. Therefore, mixing and buying synthetic urine is straightforward, but using it in the actual situation is risky.

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If your employer catches, you can be fined in some states and fired, of course. Temperature is the main problem that will reduce the characteristic of synthetic when compared with actual urine.

You have to create a perfect temperature, which is not too cold and not too hot as well. If a specimen gets outside the range of between 90 and 100 degrees F, then it is fake and the chances that they’ll discover you will increase.

Other characteristics that could reveal synthetic urine are:

  • Presence of creatinine, which is a substance produced by kidneys. Therefore, when you buy urine, you should check the one that contains creatinine.
  • It lacks bubbles when you shake it because the protein in the urine will cause bubbles.
  • The different pH level when compared with real urine
  • Specific gravity, which will measure the number of particles within the fluid
  • The scent is important too

Even if you make a tiny mistake, you will be able to get caught and flagged the specimen, which will provide you jeopardy when it comes to your future job prospects.

What Happens If You Catch Someone Cheating?

If you think that your employees are adultering or substituting urine for a drug test, you should choose another method of testing. Instead of a urine drug test, which is the cheapest solution on the market, you can test them by oral fluid or hair.

Even though the detection of oral fluid is between 24 to 48 hours, it is challenging to substitute specimen and to cheat the test. At the same time, the technician has to do it which means that you will have supervision around you. It is simple to administer, quick to analyze and completely noninvasive.

In some states, when you cheat a drug test you will be jailed or fined. Visit this website: for additional info.

On the other hand, choosing a hair follicle test will provide you with an extended window of detection, which is between one month and three months, and it will reveal the chronic drug users. However, it is not efficient if the individual used drugs within the past few days.

It requires an extended period of drug use for detection. The procedure involves cutting specimens of hair that are nearly impossible to cheat or substitute because you will conduct this test in front of other people and technician. It requires between 120 and 150 strands per sample.

How To Detect Cheating In Drug Testing

We have presented you techniques that you should follow to detect fake urine, and the next time you conduct testing, you can use these tips to prevent adulteration before it happens.

Of course, each collection site is different, which means that you have to assess your own space and consult with people who will provide you testing so that you can ensure that all threats are secured, and nothing will interfere with the integrity of procedure.

Some states will allow you to conduct random drug tests, while others won’t, which means that you have to consult with your legal advisors so that you can rest assured and do everything to prevent adulteration.

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