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How to treat shoulder pain? – Tips

These days, more and more individuals are suffering from muscle pain in their shoulder and the reason for this pain is depending on the person. It can be because of any accident or when you have doing something for a long time with your hand and more. One will have some pain in shoulder even when he or she has bad sleep cycle. You can experience such kind of pain while brushing your hair, grabbling something overhead and more.

Shoulder pain is a common condition which you will have as age and it is a common joint problem that can occur to everyone. Therefore, you can numerous remedies for the pain when you search on the internet. But before making use of those remedies, it is essential for you to ask your physician or shoulder pain specialist singapore. He will make a good decision regarding your health condition and if he accepts to go one with the home remedies, then here are some best remedies for you.

A few of the best home remedies that relieve your severe shoulder pain are listed in this article, have a glance at these points and make yourself free from any pain.

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  • Anti-inflammatory – The first possible way to get rid of your shoulder pain is by Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory medications,in short NSAIDS. You can make use of two generic types namely, Ibuprofen and Naproxen. But keep in your mind that you must use these medications only after your doctor’s approval.
  • Heat – This is the most common one and whenever you have pain in your body, it is recommended for you to apply some heat in that area. You can either take a hot shower on your shoulder for about 5 to 10 minutes. You can also use electric hot packs but you need set the heat level to medium and not high.
  • Ice – Same as heat, you can also make use of ice packs and keeping an ice pack for 10 minutes will mitigate your pain. One thing that you must remember is you must not keep the ice pack directly on your skin, as it will cause frostbite. And so, you have to use a cloth to cover your skin, you can also keep an ice pack inside your pillow cover.
  • Stretches – There is still another method that will help you to reduce your shoulder pain and is nothing but stretching your muscles. Since stretches can set your tight muscle free, it is not only the immediate remedy but will also prevent you from the future injury.
  • Massage – Last but not least, getting a nice massage will also take away the pain in your sore muscles. You can either ask someone to massage or visiting a message therapist is the best idea.

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