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Empire-pharmacy is an online drugstore that caters to various customers and sells brand and generic pills. It is located in Manitoba Canada. is an online pharmacy that provides genuine and reliable medicines from legitimate stores to its valuable customers. It helps its customers to save money in medicines by buying generics online. It came into existence since 2001. It has been working for about fifteen years and came to a close in 2016. It had been getting its legal license from the CIPA and MIPA and its operations were completely legal. Grab all the knowhow from Review.

Medicines Available with offers both generic and branded medicines on their website and when customer places their order; it forwards it to their partner pharmacy or drug supplier near the customer’s home for processing and shipping the order. The main goal of is to make it easier for customers to access the medication online with ease without spending too much and not travel to purchase the pills. All the medications from were FDA approved. It had all medications that were used to treat every common problems. Medicines were available for diabetes, erectile dysfunction pills, blood pressure pills, allergy meds, asthma meds, birth control pills, arthritis pills and many more.


Cost Of Medicines at

The online pharmacy had very low prices. Generic Levitra was charged only one dollar per pill. A generic Viagra was only $0.27 while branded Viagra was $2.56 per pill. The drugs could be paid only using credit cards. The credit cards that were accepted are Visa and MasterCard. Doctor’s prescription is not essential to place and order with

Shipping and Refund Details

Shipping at were done by two means, airmail method and EMS courier delivery. The airmail method cost buyers about $9.95 and takes 2-3 weeks to deliver to the address. The EMS courier method is costlier than the former costing $19.95 per shipping, but takes only 3-8 business days to reach the customer. Within 24 hours, the medicines are shipped after the order is placed. The medicines are not returnable once the order has been dispatched from But its offers to reship and refund if the packages are damaged or lost. The customer care does the refund process to the customers using +1 718 487 9792(US) and +4420 3239 7092.

Coupon Codes has no online coupon codes. But there are a lot of exciting offers on the website when customers add the meds to their online cart. It offered 10% discount and free shipping for orders above 200 dollars. Free erectile dysfunction tablets were sent to buyers when the reach a certain bill amount.

Customer Testimonials has gone away from its business past two years. The previous testimonials seems like the customers had enjoyed and benefitted by placing orders with They have mentioned the prices are affordable with nice offers each time they come to place and order. They have said it is an honest website and has fast and courteous service delivered each time.

Endnote had a really good pricing when it existed. The online pharmacy lacks any proven reviews which makes some customers not trust this website even if it exists now.

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