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The new optical illusion test to diagnose schizophrenia

Schizophrenia symptoms and causes:

Is anyone from your friends or family is showing symptoms of mental disorders like depression, anxiety, shutting up from the outside world, hallucination etc.? This might be the early signs of schizophrenia. So, don’t ignore the same and seek medical help as soon as possible as schizophrenia is a chronic and long-term mental disorder that needs proper treatment. However, the cure is dependent on the severity of the condition in each individual case with no guaranteed results. The earlier the problem is diagnosed and treatment starts the greater are the chances of a recovery. If ignored, schizophrenia can cause permanent damage to the patient making him physically and mentally aggressive. No particular reason could be found for this mental disorder but genetic factors, problems during pregnancy, severe trauma or an accident may cause schizophrenia. To determine the level of seriousness, a schizophrenia test is a must, performed by an experienced psychiatrist. Usually, the diagnosis of schizophrenia involves a series of subjective tests and interview sessions with the patient. But, recently, a more objective test option has been suggested by a group of scientists from the London University.

The optical illusion test and its benefits:

The researchers from LU conducted a thorough study and discovered that the vision among the schizophrenics is much more accurate than an average person. Based on this study, they performed tests involving volunteers of different ages and backgrounds. The test is based on optical illusion and contains a few black and white images with a blurred or a low-contrast core. The volunteers are then asked to compare the high-contrast images with a series of identical shapes resembling the low-contrast core of the original pattern. The research have shown startling results with almost 80% of the schizophrenics being able to find accurate matches and performing much better than non-sufferers in this test. The explanation behind this is, unlike normal eyes, the schizophrenic eyes take no account of the surrounding information and makes no relative judgement.

The schizophrenic brain is more focussed into what is seen in front and immune to what is seen in the relative segments. So, this schizophrenia test is actually very effective in distinguishing schizophrenics from others. However, the method is not yet approved by psychiatrists worldwide as they still rely on the traditional methods for diagnosis of schizophrenia. But, as per the reports say, this method is much faster in identifying a person suffering from schizophrenia that induces greater chances of recovery upon continuous treatment. This particular testing method can bring radical changes in the identification and treatment of schizophrenia and millions of people suffering from this condition will be benefitted from the same.

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