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Would you think that the popping out of belly button to be an obvious sign

Have you heard of the top belly button pop out? For a lot of mothers the belly button does pop out or stick during the course of pregnancy. On the other spectrum some women were posed the question what happens if the belly button does not pop out. A lot of interesting answers came to the fore.

First and foremost we need to figure out what is the main reason for the popping out of belly button. The abdomen tends to push forward by the pressure which the uterus exerts on it. In some cases it does go on to become protrude at the same time. Now you need to find out when the belly button does pop out. The uterus is at an expanding phase and pushes forward once you touch around 26 weeks. But in certain cases if a woman is an outie or a skinny this can take place in the second trimester of their pregnancy. At this point of time a pregnancy belly button pop out would be discovered at the same time as well.

Now can you do anything about the whole situation? A popped out belly button is something that you cannot avoid and harmless at the same time. To start off it may look a bit outie to start off the process as well. It may resemble to be a bit lived in or stretched out, but trust me it is going to get back to its normal position once the delivery is over. Take consideration of the fact that it would be a badge of honour that you can spot in a proud manner. In the event of your belly button not popping out there is no cause of worry as well. Most women would have had their belly button popped out and have gone on to deliver normal babies as well.  There is some confusion on the fact whether the popped out belly button and the gender of the baby has any relation. The answer to this question would be a strict no.

You also need to be aware of the fact whether a popped out belly button can lead to umbilical hernia or not. In case of some women there is an opening or hole in the abdominal wall and this would be long before the fact you have become pregnant. When you become pregnant or excess gain of weight does takes place, it does put a lot of stress on the defective area and the hernia does go on to become a lot more noticeable as well. The hole does go on to become so large that the tissue cannot pass through it. Then you can feel a pain and a bulge around this region. The general suggestion would be that to repair this area you need to wait till you no longer become pregnant. But if you find that it does remain trapped in the defective area then surgery would be the only option.

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