CBD Oil Cat Treats: What People Needs to Know About CBD

As cat owners are looking for ways to keep their furry pets healthy and happy, they are starting to look for alternative treatments that were not previously considered by conventional medicine. Some of these treatments are considered illegal by some states in the country. Among these treatments is CBD or Cannabidiol oil. It is not a big surprise, considering that a lot of people are turning to CBD as a natural treatment for different health problems.

And according to research, cannabis’ positive impact on ailments like inflammation and anxiety is pretty good. But even after tons of studies when it comes to the effects of cannabis on humans, there have been no formal scientific studies into CBD’s effect on pets like dogs and cats. So, is it safe for your furry pets? And what type of ailments can CBD treat?

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What is Cannabidiol oil?

Marijuana plants contain at least 100 active components, but one of the most frequently used for medical purposes is CBD or Cannabidiol. It differs from the plant’s principal active component, THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. CBD does not have psychoactive effects. It means that it will not get the user “high.”

Cannabidiol oils contain a lot of the CBD. It can be used to treat medical issues like pain and anxiety. There is a lot of classical medical researches that explores the positive effects of Cannabidiol in cats. While some vets do not recommend cannabidiol oil for their patients, some holistic bets are using CBD to help treat different ailments, including pain, anxiety, or inflammation.

Experts are cautious to specify that cannabidiol oil is usually used to increase comfort, as well as improve the quality of life in cats – not necessarily cure illnesses. This kind of treatment needs to be advised by a professional and legitimate veterinarian and cannot be initiated or started without proper consent from these professionals.

Is Cannabidiol oil safe for your feline pets?

Although there have been no real scientific researches that properly investigate the effects of marijuana on pets like dogs or cats, according to some veterinarians, CBDO is usually safe for most cats. But there can be some harmful effects if you give CBDO to pets, including gastrointestinal issues and sedation.

Both these effects can be relieved by stopping the CBDO use. The more significant issue here is from the medical perspective – making sure that pets are given these treatments appropriately. It means that the CBDO is having the effects that pet owners want to get from the treatment and that homeowners are not accidentally overdosing their little furry friend.

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According to some veterinarians, the lack of documented and proper research into the effects of products laced with cannabis to cats, will make them hesitant to recommend to their patients. According to some studies, in humans, cannabis products can be used to treat neuropathic pain, anxiety, intractable seizures, or appetite stimulations.

There are medications in every category mentioned above, that is not cannabis, and have been used in cats or dogs for many years without endangering the lives of these pets. These medications have gone through different studies and are approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Why would people want to use a product that is not supported by the Food and Drug Administration, poorly understood by most people, and is not effective or safe? The Food and Drug Authority also does not regulate these products that are available for the public; that is why consumers cannot be sure that pet owners are giving their furry friends the right dosage.

Owners that are looking to give their pets CBDO should make sure that they are doing their due diligence in researching before buying anything on the Internet. The marketplace is a “buyer beware” world, and people need to be sure that the products they are purchasing have been tested in the laboratory harmful contaminants like heavy metals, fungus, and bacteria.

Not only that, but it is also worth remembering that while products are usually pretty safe for dogs and cats, but marijuana plants also are not that safe. There is a lot of documentation of cannabis toxicity in felines, for those that chew or eat these plants. According to ER vets, they usually see cannabis toxicity in animals. They can tell if pets have gotten into people’s stash of cannabis. In some serious cases, pets need to get hospitalized until the effects have worn off.

Are these products legal?

Regardless of how well these products work for pets like cats, there is also the problem of legality. If the product content is less than 0.3% Tetrahydrocannabinol, it is classified as hemp, which is not an illegal substance. A lot of CBDO fits the hemp description.

The bigger problem is discussing the course of treatment using these products with a professional veterinarian. In a perfect circumstance, the vet would be able to talk to the owner this treatment as an alternative for cats, but depending on where they live, the vet may or may not be at liberty to have this kind of conversation with the pet owner. That is why it is best to do some research – check social media posts, read forum sites or check out write-ups like anationofmoms CBD oil cat treats article to know everything about these types of products.

Veterinarians can be legally liable if they tell pet owners how to use these types of products accurately. But some people are looking to change these rules and regulations. For instance, there is a law being brought to the State Legislature of California to debate the use of Cannabidiol for animals, as well as vet involvement.

There is a very strong conversation going on right now about whether or not vets should recommend or discuss cannabis to pet owners, and if so, what will happen to their pets. Being able to discuss different kinds of alternative treatments with professionals is the key.

Experts suggest that people should talk to a professional before giving their cats any cannabis products. There is no reason to start giving any supplements or medications without talking to professionals first. These products can be pretty helpful for cats experiencing anxiety, inflammation, or pain, but if not given the right dosage, it can be dangerous, even deadly.

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