Easy Surgical Procedures To Refresh Your Face

The world of modern medicine is truly fascinating, and while in the past there were surgical procedures that were quite messy and often showed unsatisfied results, today things are a lot different. There are various procedures that are quite delicate, especially those that involve improving someone’s looks, and the quality of these new procedures is something that you will not believe until you try them yourself.

An improved facelift

One of the most requested procedures in the past, was none other but face lifting. This was a procedure that was considered quite messy, as it involved removing loose skin from the patient’s face before the surgeon made the remaining skin tight. A lot of people considered this procedure quite barbaric, and people were often unsatisfied with the results.

Well, today we have thread lifting, which essentially aims for the same results as a facelift, but it delivers much better ones without any problems along the way. Face-lifting used to be quite a troublesome procedure because patients experienced sedation, and the recovery included serious swelling and bruising, which could last for weeks.

 thread facelift Melbourne

If you decide to get thread facelift Melbourne from Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne today, you will have a much better experience compared to any surgical procedure from the past. The procedure is quick and simple, and the best part is that you get to keep all of your skin on your face.

That is because the doctor uses special threads which are injected into your skin, and by pulling them, your face gets tightened up, giving you that old young look that you once had. Results from a thread lift tend to last for a very long time, usually until age kicks in once again.

Thread lifting is one of the most popular procedures today


Another great therapy that is available in the modern world of today is the one that uses ultrasound waves to give significant improvements to the skin on the face, and it is called ultherapy. It was known for a long time that ultrasound is very beneficial in medicine.

The most common use of ultrasound is used to observe an unborn child during pregnancy, and it is also used to break kidney stones. This shows that ultrasound has potential to do a lot when it comes to the human body, and it can accomplish different goals without hurting the skin at all, but improving it instead.

The main reason why it was not used until now is because the technology had to be perfected, and it needed the official approval for safety. After years of testing, ultherapy finally got approved, and it is one of the most popular procedures of the decade.

Overall, the results of ultherapy is quite similar to a thread facelift, except that it takes a bit longer for the effect to show as you are required to go under multiple sessions. If you want to find out more, you should check or consult with a local specialist who is familiar with the procedure.

With the power of ultrasound waves, your face will look incredible

Final Word

As the time goes on, more technologies are becoming a part of modern medicine, and those technologies are used for cosmetic purposes. Taking care of imperfections has never been easier than today, and we can only wait for the improvements that cosmetic medicine shall receive in the future.

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