Eggs and the safety quotient during the course of pregnancy

Eggs are considered to be a vital source of protein, with vitamin D, nutrients along with a host of minerals. Eating eggs safely during pregnancy should be on top of your nutrition diet plan, but due considerations should be paid to the taste and safety aspect.

How egg needs to be safely prepared during pregnancy

Egg is a carrier of salmonella bacteria and for this reason properly cooked eggs need to be consumed. Avoid dishes that have uncooked egg or eggs that are soft boiled. Another safety consideration with eggs is to consume them the moment they are cooked. When it comes to the hard boiled eggs they are cooked in a concise manner to kill the salmonella bacteria. For example if the eggs are being chopped into an egg saladand itspends hours on a store shelf, then chances of Listeria bacteria increase.

Eating eggs safely during pregnancy

It has to be stated that listeriosis is one of the popular forms of food poisoning as far as pregnant women is concerned. It is going to harm the developing baby, even though the mother may not show symptoms of the same. Do make it a point that you consume foods that are stored and cooked properly. In hindsight this reduces your exposure to harmful bacteria.

Is aversion to an egg possible?

Among pregnant women aversions to egg is pretty common. If you like eggs and it is hard to match as far as your stomach evolves, then a creative outlay should be planned in your menu. Some of the effective ways by which you can incorporate egg in your diet are as follows.

  • You can shred the scrambled egg into small pieces and then stir in a dish to mask the flavour along with the texture.
  • Eggs could be hidden in batter. Waffles or recipes pertaining to pancakes, would give you an opportunity to taste egg without even eating it. It has to be pointed out that a nutritional value of an egg is not affected in the manner you consume it; one should take note of the calories, sugar and fat that the ingredients could add on to it.

The key is not to force yourself to eat anything that you do not like. To have a healthy pregnancy it is not necessary that eggs are a vital must. Any food aversions are bound to come and go during pregnancy. Hence do not eat anything which is harsh on you during pregnancy

The precise quantity of eggs needed during the course of pregnancy

It has to be understood that eggs are rich in proteins and so the cholesterol content is high. Ideally you can consume a couple of eggs during pregnancy and is eating eggs during pregnancy safe is dependent upon the doctor. Some of them may suggest avoiding eggs if you have high levels of cholesterol.

If you are showing a strong inclination towards eggs, then be careful of the fat and calories content in mind at the same time.

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