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It’s already quite a usual sight to see people who want to quit smoking start to get into the vaping scene. Vapes alongside e-cigarettes are commonly used by these individuals who want to cut back on their nicotine consumption or dependency to cigarettes, as well as the fact that cigarette smoke is quite unappealing to the sense of smell, unlike e-juices. These vape juices come in various flavours that can cater to everybody’s taste. From the typical fruity to the more exotic combinations, surely there is a flavour for all.

These juices not only come in different flavours, there are also E Liquids With Nicotine and those without. Not only that, but these juices that contain nicotine come in different levels of nicotine content. There are a lot of things to consider that is, on top of all the possible vape mod combinations you can actually do. These varying levels of nicotine content are very helpful in terms of trying to lessen nicotine dependence by starting with juices that contain high levels and then gradually lessening the nicotine content until you arrive to the point where you blow nicotine-free smoke out of your mouth.

E Liquids With Nicotine

Getting used to smoking liquids

Of course, for people who just started getting into vaping, the transition might be a tough one especially if they were heavy smokers. These individuals will go through vape juices like it’s their job and a bottle of juice might not even last a full week for them. That’s where the nicotine content in these juices come in handy, as they are with various levels. Selecting ones with higher nicotine levels and gradually lowering the nicotine content by selecting juices with less nicotine is suggested for the heavy smokers so that their bodies can get accustomed to less nicotine.

But that doesn’t mean that their oral fixation will stop, they will still go through vape juices like it’s nobody’s business, which is why instead of going to the vape shop regularly to buy juices, it’s more convenient to have these juices delivered to your doorstep.

Delivering the fix

Isn’t it really convenient and handy to have your vape juices directly delivered to you? Of course it is, that way you won’t need to go down to your local vape shop to buy one from time to time. Premium Vapes offers this handy solution to you with 3 subscription choices that will fit your needs. Packages run from the cheapest which is £14.99 and comes with 3 10ml bottles of your choice of flavours which can either be delivered to you bi-weekly or bi-monthly, depending on how much you can consume on a daily basis. These subscription packages also come in 6 10ml bottles and 9 10ml bottles and cost £19.99 and £24.99 respectively. Not only do you get a month’s worth of e-juices (depending on how much you can actually finish), you also get to pay on monthly terms as well which can really come in handy.

Subscribing to Premium Vapes for all your vape juice needs might just be the best thing that happened or would happen to you in terms of your vape juice supply, not only to you get to choose from a wide variety of high quality juices, you also get a lot of bonuses like free delivery for people within UK and a free complimentary subscription box! With quality services and on-time deliveries, vaping has never been this convenient before.

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