Jaga Me – Antigen Test – How Does the Test Goes?

To host an event in the company, one will have to go through a swab test and a test result before the event starts. If the tests are negative, people will have to submit their antigen test reports to Singapore’s Ministry of Health. After the process, one can continue with their hosting and carry out the main event.

These tests can be done at the comfort level of the person. The place to conduct the test doesn’t have to be searched for, and it can happen by calling the team and asking the swab operators to come where the people want them to be.

At Jaga-Me, the hospital provides off-site Antigen Rapid Testing services for similar pre-event tests for COVID-19. It can provide the test results within a few moments, and it also doesn’t cause any problems while providing the test result.

Why test yourself here? 

  • The hospital is a licensed center to give the COVID-19 Swab test result. The medical center is approved by the Ministry of Health, which ensures the safety and credibility of the result.
  • Jaga Me provides a qualified medical team who have had experience conducting the test as they have worked for different government agencies.
  • The medical workers in the center make reality come true by providing the best testing services who would travel to any place for their test taker’s convenience.
  • It works with certified laboratories and partners where it conducts an antigen test, also known as the Antigen Rapid Test, PCR tests, and Antibody tests.
  • The hospital also offers an excellent service where people can give their tests in the comfort of their homes.

Who are all the clients of Jaga Me? 

Jaga Me is a trusted medical facility whose clients are the Tourism board of Singapore, the Ministry of communication and information, also known for its short-form MCI, and the Energy Market Authority, also known for its short-form EMA.

How was the first pre-event rapid testing? 

The first pre-event rapid testing happened smoothly, with EMA engaging the team to conduct the rapid test. It happened from 25th to 26th October 2020, with a total of 250 people giving the test.

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