Neurological problem and its treatment

The Brain

Brain is regarded as the one of the most important organ in the human is primarily the sensory organs of the body. It is the most important organ that controls the coordination of the whole body. Everything we do is recorded in the human brain and also it is coordinated by the brain. The brain is present is present at the uppermost portion of the human body covered by the bony covering called as the skull. The skull acts as the protective covering over the portions of the brain so that in the time of any type of injury or shock it does not affect the brain in a crude way. Brain is the organ which has two parts mainly the grey matter and the white matter. The grey matter is the most important part as it controls all of the creative ads well as constructive activities of the human body. The brain works with the help of the neurons and the signals emitted by those neurons. The mode of working therefore is totally electronic and on the basis of electronic transmission of signals. And for this the work rate of the human brain is very much fast that each and every function occurs in a fraction of a second.

Neurons and the neurological problems

Brain is one of the organ that is most complex of all and the problem with brain is not that much with respect to the problems associated with other organs. And once the brain problem occurs it is very much difficult to treat those kind of problems. Neurological problems thus are one of the most complex problems and the diseases that can ever happen to the human body system. Neurological problems mainly consists of the neuron and their malfunctioning. This malfunctioning can be due to many reasons like malformation, improper transmission by the neurons, faulty receptors etc. the neurons are the singular unit which when present in a collective amount is able to form the nerve fiber. Therefore the tuft of neurons forms the nerve which transmits the impulse of the neurons. And this process happens in a very much pace taking about few micro seconds to reach the effector region of the body that demands the sensation. in our body in every part nerves are present so as to give all the support in terms of the sensation in the body. And our body is so effective that at each and every stimuli they respond properly.

Common problems

Epilepsy is one of the most neurological problem that has been seen. It can happen to any people irrespective of the male as well as the female and also in the pregnant condition also. And during pregnancy when it happens it possess a lot of challenge for the doctor for the treatment.

Side effects of the medicines

There are a lot of medicines that are prescribed by the doctors. However for the treatment these medicines in some cases are very much harmful for the body and pose a lot of side effects as well.

Consultation with the experts

You can find good neurosurgery doctors in India in many of the hospitals. It is advised to consult with as soon as the problem appears.

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