Pass drug and adulteration tests with fake pee

You have landed in the right place if you are looking for synthetic urine in 2023. Your search will end with this article since we will provide you with some effective fake urine products to pass a urinalysis. Most companies concentrate on regular checkups of their employees. They ensure that their employers are drug-free. Even consumption of cannabis will result in a test positive. This article will help you to gain information about fake pee.

Fake pee:

Won’t it sound good if we tell you that you can consume drugs and the drug test will be negative? Yes, it is true, usage of synthetic urine will make it possible. Nowadays, you can purchase the product through online modes. The urine will be similar to real pee. With fake pee, it is effortless to pass drug tests. The product producers make sure to duplicate the real pee without any failures similar to odour, density, PH balance, and temperature. Before the product comes to the market, it will undergo quality checks so that the users will not be cheated. Using fake pee will not only pass drug tests, but you can also pass adulteration tests. Different types of counterfeit pees are available on the market. The types of fake pee include:

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  1. Powdered urine kit: simply, it is the fake pee in a powdered version. You can prepare the solution on your own when you require them. You can prepare the solution by following the instructions given in the kit. The process of creating fake pee is like this:
  • Take a big container.
  • Pour the amount of water mentioned in the instruction ( in case of any mistake in the amount of water will lead to a test positive. So ensure to use the exact amount of water).
  • Pour the powdered version of fake pee and mix it well.

These are the procedures with which you can prepare the fake pee on your own with powdered fake pee. You should make sure to follow the instructions carefully. A simple mistake also will not provide with perfect result.

  1. Liquid urine kit: this fake pee is readymade. You don’t need to combine, mix or prepare anything. You can shake the mix and heat them. You can directly give them lab tests.

Overall, drugs will have a heavier impact on your life. You can avoid using them to lead a healthy life. Fake pee can be used in case of any emergencies.

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