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Marijuana, which is also referred to as cannabis, has always been an integral part of our civilizations. It can be used not only as a medicine but as a recreational substance too. It was one of the most popular illegal drugs used worldwide. But with time eventually it is gaining the legal status. Today, the business of cannabis is already making a huge impact on the economy of the US. You can adopt many ways for the preparation of cannabis for consumption. The final product may be in many forms that are rich in concentrations of cannabinoids, terpenes and other compounds that the plant marijuana produces. Right from the point of simply drying and curing the flowers of marijuana to the chemistry involved in preparing the cannabis concentrates the process is very sophisticated and extensive.

About the company

When we talk of Capitol Hill Recreational Dispensary, Ruckus is one of the leading cannabis retailers. Its owner is the founder of the Clean Green Certification and therefore he along with his staffs ensures that all the products they stock are done following the Clean Green procedure. When you visit the store, you don’t need to waste your time in scrutinizing what are the possible chemicals that might be spread on the pots. The number of Clean Green Certified growers of Ruckus in Seattle is more than any other retail store in that area. They strongly believe in sustainable and responsible cultivation of cannabis. When you walk into Ruckus, you know that all their products are free of any kind of harmful chemicals and that really gives you a peace of mind. Their staff members are also very friendly and quite knowledgeable about the products that they sell. In spite of maintaining such Clean Green products, the prices they charge are very reasonable. You would probably get a better deal.

Know about Clean Green Certification

Clean Green Certification is basically a number one certifier in the entire nation that is applicable for cultivating cannabis using international organic practices. Practically, marijuana cannot be termed as organic. The USDA does not consider cannabis as a legal agricultural crop. This certification was created in 2004 in order to regulate the legal cannabis products. To attain this certification, on-site inspection and 3rd party laboratory testing is must. In case of traditional agricultural products, the inspection is done right from harvesting to processing.

Get it conveniently

Unlike most of the Capitol Hill Recreational Dispensary, the Ruckus Recreational Marijuana is based on the heart of the city Capitol Hill. The location is prime and is surrounded by many renowned restaurants, popular shops, lounges and coffee houses. The store is also well connected with the #8 and #10 bus stop along with the light rail station. The store operates from 8 am to 11:45pm. In order to enter a cannabis shop you need an identical ID that proves that you are legally 21 years plus. Check out their online menu, to get a clear idea of the stock the store maintains. And, you can also order the products online to save on your time.

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