What Exactly is Human Growth Hormone?

HGH or Human Growth Hormone is a naturally produced hormone in our body. It is secreted by the pituitary gland in our brain and is responsible for the growth of our body. As we age, the secretion of hgh reduces which becomes a reason for ageing, loss in immunity, loss in sex drive, and diseases like diabetes. Some people research on the availability of the best hgh supplements and consume them in order to increase the level of hgh in their bodies. However, the hype has led many fraudsters to manufacture and sell hgh which is not the best hgh supplements in the market.

So, what exactly is this human growth hormone? What does it do? Hgh is also known as somatotrophin and some people relate it to the height of a person. Well, hgh does much more than just height. The human growth hormone is produced more when we are children and during the adolescent period of our life. As we enter into our 20s it starts reducing and by the time we’re in our 30s we can understand that our body is slowly ageing. Nobody likes ageing and being 30 is sometimes very annoying for some people. The lack of hgh would show clearly on their skin and their metabolism. If your metabolism isn’t fast enough, the body will find it hard to break down fat and that’s why no matter how less you eat, you’re bound to put on some weight as you age.

The pituitary gland in our body produces hgh from its anterior lobe from where it is released into our blood. The blood carries this hormone into all the different parts of our body. The reason why hgh fights ageing is that it because it stimulates anabolism of proteins which in turn encourages the creation of proteins further. Hgh also helps in the destruction or oxidation of proteins which is a major factor that helps it to play an important role in anti-aging. This hormone is an all-rounder because it affects many activities in our body including the above-mentioned ones. It also affects the insulin and blood sugar levels in the body which is why a good amount of hgh in your body will help your curb diabetes.

As we older, our bones become weak and we may suffer fractures if we fall. This is because of the lack of hgh since hgh plays a key role in bone development and its health. Companies and people have claimed in the past about the effectiveness of hgh supplements and because hgh is such an important hormone in our body, these supplements are worth a try.

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