What is the physio for sprained ankle – Know All Important Points?

Ankle Sprain – Know All About It

It is widespread to hear that they sprain in their ankle region because everyone once goes through this sprain in their lifetime. An ankle sprain is very common for those engaged in daily physical activities. The scientific reason behind this ankle sprain happens when the ligaments of the muscles attached to the ankle stretch beyond their maximum limit and capacity. The injury caused due to this stretch can vary from minor & mild injury to leading and severe damage. Because of these reasons, people want to know about the physio for sprained ankle.

Bones of Ankle Joint – Know All Points


physio for sprained ankle

There are mainly three types of bones that together form an ankle joint, and the study of these bones is significant for the best physio for sprained ankle. The very first bone of this ankle common is the Tibia, and it is the longest bone of the lower leg and is responsible for the formation of the inside bump of the joint reciprocal of the ankle. The second bone of the ankle joint is known as the fibula, a smaller bone that lies between the other two bones of the common and is responsible for forming the outer side bump of the reciprocal of the ankle. The last and third bone of the joint of the ankle is Talus, and it is the topmost bone of the foot and ankle joint.

 Ligaments of Ankles

The most common ligaments of the joint of the ankle are mainly three in number. The name of these three ligaments are Anterior talofibular ligament that is popularly known by its Short form ATL, Posterior talofibular ligament with its abbreviated form is PTL, and the last one is Calcaneofibular ligament and is one of the most known ligament and is known by its short form that is CFL. All these ligaments become essential because, in the end, the leading cause of the sprain in the ankle is the wear and tear of these ligaments only because of overstretching beyond their limit and capacity.


An ankle sprain is a widespread problem faced by almost everyone, especially those engaged in physical exercises in their lives. For this, all people remain in search of the best physio for a sprained ankle based on the full knowledge of ligaments and bones that together form the joint of an ankle.

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