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The thali in Gujarat is a must try

When it comes to Gujarat, people get a variety of delicacies. People here love to eat vegetarian food as they are that by food choice preferences. People who have been to any part of Gujarat has come back and praised their experience of having Gujarati thali.

This thali has a peculiar local taste and the flavour of sweet predominates most of the dishes. Local people are mostly vegetarian here and thus the delicacies served here are also vegetarian. But there a few non-vegetarian dishes that are available here but they are very rare. A regular meal served by the local people includes rice, roti, and a vegetable curry. The most attractive part of the meal served here is the serving of varieties of local bread available here. But when you talk about some separate Gujarati dishes, then the following might catch your attention.

Thepla/Dhebra: Mixture of flour, mild spices, and shredded vegetables are mixed together.

Pooda: A sweet dish made of flour mix.

Biranj: Steamed rice along with saffron, sugar and dried fruits.

Doodh Pak: Rice pudding made with milk and sugar. Some cardamoms, saffron, and cashews are added to bring more taste.

Dhokla: Made of mixed rice and besan. Served with sweet chutney and dried chilies. Now dhokla has a lot of variations. There can be rice dhokla, besandhokla, and khamandhokla. One can search khaman banana kividhi in any cookbook which has proper Gujarati recipes.

Uundhiyu: A traditional dish of mixed vegetables which is cooked upside down in an earthen pot. Main ingredients are green beans, unripe bananas, muthiya and purple yam.  It is a spicy curry that may contain coconut.

But when it comes to Gujarati thali, it has some specific dishes. There is bhaat or rice which can be served in many forms. There can be plain white rice or sweet and sour rice which is boiled with potatoes and some lemon peel on it. They can also serve you pulao where the rice will be prepared with vegetables or khichdi where rice and lentils are cooked together. DoodhPaak is also served in the thali where rice is boiled with milk and sugar and some almonds and cashews are added. But this can be a dessert option. Then there are rotis or chapattis and daal. Daal or lentils can have variations like toordaal, moongdaal or kadh. Then comes the sabzi or the vegetable preparation. Then comes the sabzi or the vegetable preparation. There can be stuffed vegetables or simple potato curries or some curry made from bottle gourd. One can also serve you with some dry okra preparations. Among the side dishes, the most popular one that is served is farsaan. They are prepared with a mix of potatoes and crispy fried bread and spices, coriander and yogurt are added to make it delicious.

Finally, it’s time for some sweet bite or Mithai. Gujarat offers you a lot of varieties. They can give you Jalebi, Shrikhand, Ladoo, KajuKatli, Ghughra, Son Papdi, GaajarKaHalwa and many more.

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