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Make your face look fresh with easy home masks

Face masks are rejuvenating. It can wash away all the tiredness from the facial skin and make it look refreshing again.

There are many organic face mask available which one can use or they can make one at home with natural ingredients.

Turmeric and Honey Mask:

When you skin needs proper nourishment then this mask can be a saviour. To make this at home, one needs 1 tea spoon of turmeric, 1 tea spoon of honey and half a tea spoon of fractionated coconut oil. You need to combine all the ingredients in a small bowl and then stir it till it is well missed. Then apply it on a clean washed face but avoid the eye and mouth area. Leave it for 20 minutes and then rinse it well.

Dead Sea Mud Mask:

This Dead Sea salt is very good for providing relief from acne and eczema and it also detoxifies the skin while softening it. Take 1 tea spoon of Dead Sea salt with 2 tea spoons of bentonite clay and a table spoon of Greek yogurt. One also needs to add 5 drops of tea tree oil and water and mix it well in a small bowl. Then apply it on a clean face and allow it to dry. Keep it, till it turns lighter in colour and then rinse it well with warm water. After that apply a natural moisturiser over it.

Strawberry and Honey Face Mask:

If you want to protect your skin against some damages or wrinkles then this face mask can be perfect for you. It also softens and moisturises the skin. It also gives the skin some brightening effects. Take 2 to 3 strawberries and remove the stem from them. Place them in a bowl and mash them properly. Stir those mashed strawberries in 2 table spoons of honey and then apply the mixture on your face. Let it dry and after 20 minutes, take a wet cloth and gently wipe it away. If you have a very dry skin then apply a thin layer of olive oil on your face after tat to give your face some extra moisture.

Rose Clay Face Mask:

This face mask is made with rose clay and it helps in removing excessive oils and impurities from the skin. This clay can reduce toxins and contaminants from the skin. Take 2 table spoons of rose clay and 1 table spoon of water and mix them well in a small bowl until it becomes a thick paste. Apply it on your face and let it dry for 15 minutes and then wash it cleanly with water.

Charcoal Face Mask:

Activated charcoal is highly absorbent in nature. It helps in removing bacteria and other build up on facial skins. Take a tea spoon of activated charcoal powder with half a spoon of honey and 2 drops of lavender oil with 1 tea spoon of water. Combine them together and then apply it on a clean face. Wash it off with warm water after 10 minutes.

One can also make organic face mask for acne at home.

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