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Solutions to Get Rid of an Emergency Tooth Pain

When you suffer from tooth pain, the first step is to assess and find the origin of your dental issue. Then, this way, you can eliminate any damage, swelling, or other problems and cases. Also, it is good to know that usually, in case of emergency dental problems, the best action is to see an emergency dental specialist. However, you may experience some pain meanwhile until you can see an emergency dental professional. A well-known expert who works at an emergency dental clinic in Toronto suggests that you can take some home remedies for short-term comfort until you see your dental emergency. Watch out! If you have a specific condition such as breastfeeding, pregnancy, or any medical condition, you should talk to a dental emergency specialist before using these treatments.

Tooth Pain Medications: Painkillers lessen discomfort and infection. If you want to make the trauma area senseless, you can apply some numbing gels and medicines that include elements like benzocaine. Furthermore, aspirin and ibuprofen target infection and can ease dental trauma. It’s necessary to pay attention to instructions given on the package when you want to take medicines.
Garlic: For several years, garlic has been identified and used for its medicinal features, especially for dental emergencies. Garlic can alleviate the ache of emergency toothache and destroy bacteria. You can place chopped parts on your tooth or eat a piece of garlic. But the taste of natural garlic can be extremely irritating for some of us, so this may not be the proper remedy for every dental trauma.
Clove oil: this herbal remedy can be effective for temporary relief of emergency pain because it is a natural analgesic. Since cloves are antiseptic, they may reduce inflammation. To treat an emergency dental problem such as a toothache, rub a little oil on a regular ball of cloth and then put it to the affected area. You can also make a mouthwash with a mix of this herbal oil and water. Keep in mind that this is not a good treatment for children, as they may use it too much.

Saltwater: this natural remedy has always been a good treatment for many of us. It can often eliminate the swelling and clear the infection. Until you go to an emergency dental clinic, you can mix a little salt and water and then rinse your mouth with it. Remember not to swallow this solution at all.
Ice: Swelling is one of the most common problems after a trauma to the mouth or teeth. Usually, in these conditions, the most suggested traditional treatment is to put ice on the painful area, which can help numb and relieve the pain.
The important point is that all the herbal and natural treatments offered are temporary solutions to relieve toothache, are not used for a long time, and do not solve dental emergencies. If your emergency dental issue is critical, you should see an emergency dental expert for proper treatment.

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