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Pseudo scientific or alternative medicine technique


The treatment or diagnosis of mechanical disorders of musculoskeletal system mostly the spin is called as chiropractic techniques. At Atlas the chiropractors can do manual therapy which involves in the manipulation of the spine and other joints of the soft tissue. It is a generally categorized into complementary and alternative medicine. This procedure increases the body’s physical function to eliminate the problem.

Where it is done?

In Atlas the chiropractic adjustments will be done for low pack pain, neck pain , head aches and most common pain problems of the body .

Procedure for doing the adjustment:

The chiropractic neck adjustment procedure is done by choosing the location of the affected areas. The procedure is done by placing the person head positioned face down on specially designed table which is also called as chiropractic table. The chiropractic uses his or her hand to the chiropractic neck adjustment by applying control force to the specific point in the joint and pushes it beyond the range of motion some can hear a popping sound or a cracking sound as the chiropractor helps the move the joints for the adjustment during the treatment session.

Risks in the Therapy:

Chiropractic adjustment is always performed by trained experts as the procedure involves correct pressure at correct position of the bone or muscle which will not lead to any nerves damage. Hence it is done by trained experts. Some complications if done by non-experts are as follows.

  • Some worsening of the existing problems
  • Lower spinal column nerves compression
  • After neck manipulation certain types of strokes.

Some of the suggestion for not seeking adjustments if a person has severe osteoporosis, numbness, loss of strength in the area, cancer in spine, any increased risk of stroke, any bone abnormality in the upper part of the neck anything related to bone should be avoided and informed in prior

After the process of adjustments:

Some people may experience some kind of minor side effects which may last for few days of the chiropractic adjustments. Mostly commonly they may be pain in the parts of body where it is treated, fatigue of some kind, headaches most commonly.The problems do persist for longer duration better to consult the expert again for consultation   and clarifications.


The adjustments will be very much effective in treating certain kind of problems of low back pain, neck adjustments.Spinal manipulation is effective for severe headaches and spine related issues and neck pains. Some may get good result in the process other may not and for some if no results are good then better to avoid the therapy. This can be understand in few weeks of the therapy.  If the therapy has adjusted the results will be very good and relaxing .

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