Four Easy Steps to Follow To Have a Shredded Body

If you want to cut down your weight, look lean and shredded, there are actually a lot of plans you can try on, but are you sure that all of them are effective and can live up to its promise?

If you are doubtful, well, everyone in the world of fitness needs certainty and precise plans to get shredded especially those who are on the competitive side of bodybuilding and aesthetics.

There are many fitness buffs out there who set out their goals of fat loss only to find themselves with little to no progress despite all the time and effort they spent for progress which evades them until now. And there are people who are already showing some progress are pushing themselves to get shredded, without even thinking of how difficult it is to achieve such physique. This is because your body is going to resist as much as it could to give up those last few pounds of stubborn fat, but there is still a way to becoming shredded.

In this article from old school new body, follow these simple but very effective tips in melting your body fat and become shredded eventually.

old school new body

TIP NUMBER 1: Monitor your calorie intake- When it comes to calorie intake, you should monitor it regularly and see if you had foods that contain a lot of calories. It does not matter much where the food came from, but your body should always find a way to convert that consumed calories right away to avoid converting it into fat that will surely make you look bigger instead of leaner. You can cut down your calorie intake by reducing 13 calories per pound of your entire body weight, from this, you can consider this as a starting point and you can add more as you get used to it.

TIP NUMBER 2: CONSUME MORE PROTEIN- Increasing your protein consumption will help you build leaner muscles at the same time helps promote increased metabolic rate in your body. Protein intake has been proven to help burn more calories simply by breaking it down and convert it into energy without melting your muscle tissue during the process.

TIP NUMBER 3: PLAN YOUR CARBOHYDRATE CYCLE INTAKE- Carbohydrates is still an essential macronutrient that you have to consume as this serves as your fuel to finish off grueling workouts. Carbohydrates may contribute a lot to your stubborn fat but not consuming any will make you perish in the long run. It is just about how you eat carbohydrates the right way. The best approach to consuming carbohydrates is to cycle it. You can cycle it by eating a lot of carbohydrates in the days that your workout is very loaded with a lot of exercises, while if you have a lighter workout, you only consume minimal carbohydrates. It is that simple.

TIP NUMBER 4: SLOW DOWN EATING HEALTHY FATS- A lot of people are carried away by the very healthy promises of eating healthy fats, when in fact, healthy fats are loaded with calories as well. Fats is one of the three main macronutrients that your body need to do not ditch it completely, but instead, manage it. A very low-fat diet can dramatically decrease your testosterone level that helps burn fat in your body. Instead, you can minimize your fat intake to no less than 0.3 grams per pound of your entire body weight to perfectly manage it.

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