Why a low dose is considered beneficial??

Oxandrolone is the generic name of the Anavar and is one of the most commonly sold anabolic steroid available in the market. Most of the people make use of this steroid, so as to maintain muscle mass, while following a cycle for fat reduction. This steroid is available in different forms and milligram strengths. In comparison to other compounds that are use for bulky means, The Anavar has no estrogenic activity. The Oxandrolone or the Anavar was initially used for losing fat, but now it is being used for getting lean mass.

The strength of the dosage of the Anavar is three times more than that of the testosterone. This is considered as an effective steroid for gaining weight. The individuals can enjoy the benefits on expected dosage without any side effects like water retention or increase in fats. The normal dosage for the individuals treated with several conditions is 2.5 mg, which is considered a low dose. The dosage of this steroid ranges between 2.5 mg to 20 mg in a day. This steroid must be taken in the recommended dosage for a period of two to four weeks.

Some of the people make use the Anavar for a period longer than three months. The dosage recommendations provided to the individuals are according to the guidelines of the healthcare community. The individuals can enjoy the benefits of this steroid on getting its stacked with other steroids. The previous doses recommended by the healthcare community of the anabolic steroids, so as to increase their performance. The dosage ranges between 15 mg to 25 mg in a day for the new users.

It is recommended in a few studies that the initial dosage of the Oxandrolone must be kept higher, so as to avoid the chances of the occurrence of the diseases like AIDS. IT is believed that most of the users respond more to the lower dosage ranging between 30 mg to 40 mg in a day. The intermediate bands of the Oxandrolone range between 50 mg to 80 mg in a day. This dosage can be gradually increased by the advanced users, i.e. it could be 80 mg to 100 mg in a day. The Anavar is considered beneficial for the females and is most commonly used by them, as a result of its low androgenic properties.

 The initial instructions on the prescription of Anavar do not include any specific instructions for the females. The women are recommended to use this steroid for a period not more than six weeks. The use of the steroid for a longer period of time may cause adverse reactions like the effects of Virilization. The individuals are suggested for not to take the spilled dosage more than twice in a day. The single dose of the Anavar cannot cause the blood related effects. The 80 mg is considered as a low dose for enjoying its best results by the advanced users of the Oxandrolone. The people can expect strong muscle gains on its intake without any of its side effects.

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