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What To Consider Before Using Anadrol Cycle

Most bodybuilders get impatient of waiting for a couple of cycles to see better results of their hard work. However, some users have discovered that with Anadrol, you can already feel the change in your body when it comes to muscle and strength gains even at the beginning of a bulking cycle. This makes Anadrol as one of the most powerful and fast acting steroid in the market.

For Anadrol users, it is best to know the appropriate dosage and frequency to achieve your expected result and at the same time reducing the risk of potential side effects. Anadrol results depend on who is using it and how the steroid is used.

Recommended Oral Dosage

Anadrol is usually in 50 mg strength tablets. However other milligram strengths are also available depending on the manufacturer, whether it’s a legal or underground lab. For medical purposes, Anadrol dose is approximately 1 to 5 mg per kilogram of body weight per day. This is for the treatment of anemia; however, the doctor will adjust the dosage based on age and severity of a condition.

For bodybuilders, a higher dosage of Anadrol is common for faster results. Most users have proven its efficacy at about 25 mg a day. However, some bodybuilders up their dose to 150 mg a day taken in an Anadrol cycle that should not exceed 8 weeks to reduce the risk of liver toxicity.

Anadrol Cycles

Bodybuilders are used to making their own cycle that would fit their needs. Anadrol Cycle is common with bodybuilders and athletes who are aiming for faster improvement in their muscle growth. Bodybuilders consider Anadrol to be incorporated in their cycles because of its fast-acting results.

An Anadrol-only cycle recommends a maximum of 50 mg a day. However, most bodybuilders think that this is not enough. They tend to up their dose to 100mg a day. Anadrol-only cycle should not last more than six weeks in order to lessen the risk of potential side effects.

Common Anadrol Side Effects for Men and Women.

There are a few side effects that were reported associated with the use of oral Anadrol. These side effects include:

  • Change in libido which may be a result of hormonal imbalances
  • Frequent, long-lasting, painful erections
  • Headaches

Women have different side effects than men. The use of oral Anadrol can lead to virilization or masculine-like changes which may include:

  • Hair growth on the face and body
  • Enlarged clitoris
  • Shrinking breasts
  • Deeper voice

Most Alarming Reported Side Effects

When you are using any type of steroid, you are at risk for possible side effects. The most alarming effect of Anadrol usage is Polycythemia. This is when the blood flow to the kidneys was blocked. Because of this, it can cause the death of tissues. Myocardial infarction or heart attack was also reported. Now you must take note that these involved younger users, not older pre-diagnosed medical conditions.

It is best to check out bodybuilder websites and forums to see what others think about Anadrol cycle. Learn from others’ experiences with the drug and research about the best options for you.

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