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Get To Know More About BMI Calculator To Stay Away From All The Myths

BMI is known as the body mass index. It is formulated as the division of weight of a person in kilogram to the square of the height of the same person. The universal unit of BMI is kg/m2. It actually calculates the amount of body fat present in one’s body. According to this, the person is categorized as under or overweight. The professional doctors also go by this calculation when it comes to the health of their patient. Hence it is legally approved by WHO. But there are certain variations in the measurements that are it is not accepted on all cases there are some exceptions. Like, it will not suit for children, teens and elderly person. This is actually divided into four categories and they are underweight, normal weight, over weight and obese. The division is based upon the measurement of BMI. If a person gets BMI as below eighteen then he/she would fall under underweight, or if they fall under 18 to 25 then they are said to be normal and healthy, or if the person is between 25-30 then they will fall under overweight or if they obtain BMI as 30 and above, then they will be categorized under obesity. This is the basics about BMI and it is not applicable for all the cases as mentioned earlier.


The BMI does not vary for men and women; the scale remains the same for both the genders. Since it measures the body fat, it is able to derive that many of the diseases caused to a person is only due to overweight. Hence they need to concentrate on their food habits to regulate their body under normal conditions. Body needs certain amount fat also for living but if it crosses the limit then it causes problem to the human body by creating lots of disturbances through diseases. Hence make use of this tool to measure and have a regular check to make sure that you fall under normal category and there is no risk of any diseases to occur. This bmi calculator is of good use since it is able to help us in warning about the diseases that may affect the body. In spite of its benefits, certain practitioners consider its limitations. It might be inaccurate for children and elderly person. It is a proven fact that women will generally have more body mass than men of the same age. Hence it will not be applicable in this scenario also. Even the athletes or body builders BMI will also be inaccurate since their muscle mass will be more. Therefore, it is advisable to know everything about body mass index so that you can take the right measure to take care of your health.

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