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If you’re an enthusiast in Denver, Colorado who is looking for a trustworthy dispensary which also creates and produce the finest product, then look no further!

Options Medical Center is known to have the best CSC concentrate in Wheat Ridge, supplied by multi-awarded Supply Concentrate Co. with a wide range of products, you surely would want to stay and shop ‘til you drop. They showcase their selection depending on the type of product you would want to purchase during your stay.

Process for Product Production

With CSC as the main supplier of Options Medical Center, they are able to showcase to customers their popular and in-demand products that would complete any enthusiasts’ cannabis experience. These products are produced with the purest extracts from different methods such as:

  • Cured Resin
    The extraction results in the production of sugar, crumble, budder, sap and shatter from cured buds. The curing process involves distilled solvent to capture it potency from cannabinoids in the bud. Cured resin has a potency of around 70% – 90%
  • Live Resin
    Live resin extraction is relatively new to the industry. The extraction includes flash freezing the cannabis buds in order to preserve the contens certain components in the flower bud like terpene and cannabinoids. The fragrance, strength, and taste of the final product are highly dependent on how well the process is done. CSC’s award-winning live resin extracts contain 80% – 90% potency, along with its strong aroma and complex cannabinoid properties.
  • Trichome Isolation
    Trichome isolation is a process of extraction for making or producing bubble hash. This is done by adding cold water and to the batch of buds and agitating the buds so that trichomes are removed and filtered to fall off into the water. CSC’s unique process includes micron filters to separate the trichomes, leaving only the collected hash. The produced resin has 70% – 90% of cannabinoid potency.
  • Live Rosin
    For the health-conscious connoisseurs, live rosin is more preferable to use, having properties closest to organic types of concentrates. The extraction process uses heat and pressure to extract the resin, leaving an all-natural concentrate with 70% – 90% cannabinoid potency.
  • Tape Cartridge
    CSC vape cartridges are offers unique products form their patented ceramic technology and refined distillate inside the cartridges. These products have become the standard for cannabis vaping, giving cannabis enthusiasts the best experience during sessions and gatherings.

Concentrate Supply Company is an award-winning concentrate producer and is known for their finest extracts, having processes that can still preserve the resin’s flavor, strength and aroma for cannabis user consumption. And with Options Medical Center, CSC concentrates in Wheat Ridge are offered and available, serving you the quality extracts you need.

Wheat Ridge is the Place to Be:

With Optical Medical Center found in the heart of Wheat Ridge, cannabis enthusiasts and connoisseurs in Colorado is one drive away to shop for the best extracts and products for MMJs to fit for your taste and budget. Get 20% off when you visit them during their Wax Wednesday and Shatter Saturday and experience their products yourself.

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