The choice of a cancer treatment centre

With cancer you do require specialized treatment. Hence it would be really important to find a cancer centre that goes on to meet your needs as well.  The first observation of a patient would be an oncologist who goes on to cure cancer. Then based on where they doctor works they go on to choose a treatment centre. It is suggested that you find a treatment centre where your specific type of cancer is being treated. Then you can go on to come across a doctor who works there. All the staff present there do become part of the cancer team who is going to treat you.  Here the team goes on to include social workers along with technicians as well. You need to be aware about how to choose a doctor in the first place.

Here insurance might also go on to affect your decision. It is suggested that you do go on to choose a hospital where your insurance needs are covered. More often than not the insurance company would go on to provide you with a list of authorized centres as well. Here the onus would be on you to choose from a variety of centres. The final case is with the doctor to decide what type of cancer you have, the specific needs and which will work out to be the best option for you as well. It also helps when you interact with other patients who have gone on to have treatment in the past. As part of the cancer treatment in India there are some points to consider before you choose the clinic.

  • What is the experience the cancer centre goes on to have in treating the specific type of cancer you are suffering from. What would be their effectiveness be in the same case
  • What is the distance of the clinic form your home or centre
  • Are the clinic in a position to offer clinical trials
  • What is the support system the cancer centre has in place to support the families of the victims. Are you in a position to work with the social workers along with various members of the health team as well?
  • In case if the centre happens to be far from your place is there a provision for you along with your family members to stay there. Would it be close to the airports or places of strategic importance as well?

The moment you have harped on a cancer centre it is important to figure out the type of treatment you will receive. The key is to understand whether it will be in an inpatient or outpatient setting. In case of the former you are based in the hospital and would be given all course of treatment. A constant process of monitoring does go on to take place as well. On the other side outpatient does not need any form of hospital care as well. It could even take place at the doctor’s office as well

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