Tea Leaves or Powder: Know the difference

Tea is the most consumed drinks in the world. Take no note of alcohols. In fact, to reduce the hangover of the last night green tea is the perfect solution. Tea has its history very long, and over the years, the way tea is being consumed is chanced. There are a lot of ways tea is consumed. The taste of tea depends completely on the way the tea is made and the ingredient used for it. Moreover, the tea types also play a role in it. Teas are found in the market in two ways: tealeaves and tea powder. Which is better and which not will be discussed and given you the choice to choose from.

Tea Leaves

These are the common types of tea are found in the market. In fact, it is the oldest method and the common supply of tea in the market. Following the tea harvest,the tea leaves are dried in the sun to take away all the moisture from the leaves. Once that is done, they are then fermented where the essentials oils and flavours are added for the respective taste.

The common way to make the tea drink is through infusion. The tea is made by brew the tea leaves in hot water. This is the normal way that the tea is made drinkable. There are other methods too to make the tea. However, if you use whole leaves instead of bagged one then you will get a better quality taste.

Powder tea

This is the latest version in which tea is available in the market. For making powdered tea the entire plant, chopped, and are grilled to form powders. If you have seen tea of darker color then that is because of the type of process the tea incorporated.

Both the teas are rich in antioxidant and have the same benefits like strengthening ourimmune system to fight germs and external diseases. You are to consume more caffeine in the powder form because the whole tree is crushed to form the powder; hence, you are consuming the whole plant. Since the tree contains caffeine and antioxidant; hence, you consume more amounts of these components. Whereas in the tea leaves, you don’t actually consume the leaves you just take in the liquid version and hence you take in less amount of caffeine into your body.


Both of the two ways are completely fine, taken into consideration the way they are made. Hence, it up to you to know which one you prefer. However, the powder form is the modern way to sip in tea. You can look for amla powder because of the significant effect it has on the health.

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