The Top Misconceptions About Cellulitis

Cellulitis is an infection in the skin, caused by a break in the skin that was exposed to bacteria like Streptococcus and Staphylococcus. This infection can be common or not depends on the person’s actions or job that makes them more prone to it. Usually, this can be prevented by properly washing, cleaning and disinfecting the break of the skin, its the best way to prevent it since its less costly and you will save yourself from the discomfort that you will feel when there is already an infection.

But even if that is the case, its an infection leaves questions to people about the management and prevention of even getting one. There are reasons as to why people have questions, not because they weren’t provided with ample information but there are follow up questions down the line and the fact that most people don’t have any medical background brings questions from time to time.


Can you get a cellulitis when having a tattoo? It easy to assume that you’re going to be at risk for cellulitis when you get your tattoo since the process of tattooing leaves breaks in the skin. While the idea is possible, the fact is its not likely. This is because people that do tattoo are tattoo professionals. They don’t just make great art in a skin, they also know a few things about aseptic techniques and making sure that their customers are safe is also their priority. Besides they will get into trouble if their art isn’t safety placed in the skin.

Can you get a cellulitis when kissing? Cellulitis isn’t transferred via droplet. The only scenario where it will be transferred is when you rub your open wound to a person that has cellulitis that also has an open wound on the site where they have a cellulitis. Imagine the odds of that right? The only time where you will surely get one is when your open would is exposed to the bacteria that was mentioned above. Just to give you a clear answer, the answer is “no”, you cant get cellulitis when you’re kissing no matter how intimate it is.

Can you get a cellulitis during sex? The transfer of cellulitis isn’t like an STI (sexually transmitted infection), you cant get cellulitis during sex because of bodily fluid. The only scenario that it can happen is either of you have a break in the skin in your sensitive area and one of you has cellulitis. But that’s highly unlikely to happen because if you do have cellulitis down there, then most like you won’t even want to have sex since it will cause inflammation, redness, and pain in the affected area.

Cellulitis is an infection, an infection that is caused by a break in the skin that was exposed to Streptococcus and Staphylococcus. Its not a very common infection since it requires an open wound and an exposure to the bacteria as mentioned above. One thing that you should know is that its non-contagious, you cant get a cellulitis when getting a tattoo, you can’t get it when kissing and even during sex. If you wish to know more, visit .

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