Many major hotels in Denver are secretly 420-friendly. Here’s how to find and book one

The LEGALIZATION of recreational marijuana in Colorado has brought with it an influx of cannabis tourism. Indeed, there is no shortage of places to shop and things to do for anyone who wants to attend – as of early 2018, the city of Denver has 169 recreational marijuana shops, known throughout the state as pharmacies. A number of 420 friendly hotels in Denver have appeared offering indulgent experiences, including sushi classes and joint classes, home visits and city nights on a party bus.

Out of state, visitors can purchase a quarter of an ounce at a time, along with all kinds of edibles, tinctures, lotions and anything else that can be infused. The biggest problem many holidaymakers face after buying: unless they sign up for a specific tour or activity for cannabis, it is almost impossible to find a place where a visitor can legally consume their pot. You can not smoke in cars unless they are parked on private property, and lighting in parks or areas for smokers is illegal. You can go out to a bar and try to befriend a local, hoping to be asked to attend instead, but there is certainly no guarantee that this will happen.

The only place of refuge for visitors seeking a discharge is in hotels that accept cannabis. There are a growing number of them throughout the state, especially in the Denver metro area, and many of them are actually in major hotel chains. Booking these eco-friendly rooms is as simple as booking any other hotel room, with one notable exception: you will not know the name of the hotel until you book it.

Book your hotel room

Cannabis tour operators, such as 420 friendly hotels in Denver, list available options and facilitate the booking process, but omit the real names of hotels. Instead, you’ll find a list of loosely named hotels according to their neighborhood in the city. Many of the hotels that allow vaping in the rooms are large national chains and (perhaps wisely) do not want their name or logo to be listed on the reservation pages. We can not even tell which strings are on the list (thanks, NDA), but a quick Google search of the sites should give you a good idea. As a customer, you can choose a room and browse through the hotel amenities, and you will learn the name of the brand after your reservation is confirmed.

This is one of the most interesting developments of legal cannabis aimed at the client. Major hotel brands want to dive into the pool of money that cannabis tourism has brought to Colorado, but they do not want their digital image to be associated with marijuana use. If a customer who does not like recreational use search the hotel name online.

Can I bring my own accessories for smoking?

The simple answer is no. With very few exceptions, you can not smoke anything in public places in public places in Colorado, and most hotels throughout the state enacted smoke-free policies in their rooms. Your best bet is to leave your pipe or bongo at home, unless you have a place to smoke, like someone’s house, or take a cannabis ride. During my stay at a green hotel in Denver I was informed by a staff member that if I wanted to smoke a set, I could go outside to the designated smoking area.

All smoking in the rooms is done by a process called vaping. Upon check-in, you will receive a sealed box containing a vaporizer, which allows you to “vaporize” cannabis before inhaling it. The weed is transformed into a vapor that you then inhale through a similar configuration to that of a hookah. That way, you are not technically smoking anything and do not break any law. This allows hotels to circumvent the indoor smoking ban in Colorado. Once in your room, plug the vaporizer, add your herb and go to the city.

One quick note: the 420 friendly hotels in Denver themselves do not provide cannabis. You’ll need to visit a dispensary and get whatever you need (here’s a map of what’s around you based on your GPS location). If you have not shopped before, be ready to feel like you’re back in school. Employees behind the counter, aptly known as Bud Tenders, apparently have a pot knowledge that rivals Newton’s knowledge of physics. You will probably hear many languages ​​you do not understand, but the only important thing to understand is whether you want your pot to be dominant in Indica or Sativa. Indica is known to be the heaviest of the two, causing more of a whole body high sedative, while Sativa is the most active and was said to cause more of a high buzz.

Checking out and leaving the hotel

For final check-out, place the vaporizer back in its box and return it to the front desk along with your room key. Be sure to hand the case over to an employee and do not just put it on the counter and withdraw the form. If someone accepted you, you would be responsible for the cost of the vaporizer. Leaving your pot back is also recommended unless you are going for a cannabis-sanctioned activity. The attitude towards being high in Colorado is similar to what you will find to drink alcohol – the vast majority of people are open-minded about it. Keep your act together, and you’ll be fine.

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